Custom Hardscapes and Retaining Walls

NC Drainage designs and builds custom hardscapes and retaining walls of all designs and sizes for any use case: utilitarian and functional, customized and decorative, or a combination of both.



Structural/functional Retaining walls

Enlarge your yard, level out slopes, and shore up the edges and perimeter of your outdoor spaces to control erosion and maximize usable acreage. Our structural retaining walls are carefully and excessively engineered to withstand the even the strongest forces

Decorative retaining walls and landscape partitions

Sometimes a minor need for a retaining wall presents an opportunity to create a decorative landscape or a customized stone focal point. Talk to us about your goals, both functionally and visually, and we'll either bring your vision to life or design one based on your instructions.



hardscapes, patios, and fire pits

Outdoor living can be at its best thanks to NC Drainage and our expert hardscape design and installation services, which include pavers and patios, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and other stone and man-made material creations. You are only limited by what you're able to dream up.