Grading and Site Preparation

Even the most creative and landscape design plans are made easier with a level and properly contoured base. NC Drainage has light duty and heavy duty equipment to handle any site grading, leveling, and contouring requirements, whether you're aiming to solve drainage problems or preparing for a more ambitious landscaping plan. 


grading, leveling, and contouring

NC Drainage offers yard leveling, slope creation, and stylistic contouring for your property. Our full grading services can work with your property's existing contours and soil or we can introduce new dirt. Whether you're looking to solve a drainage problem or just change the look, we have you covered.


Sod site prep and sod installation

The fastest way (and the only practical way if we're talking about warm weather grasses) to a new lawn is to install sod. We clear and prep the area then deliver and install the sod with our professional crew. All you have to do is water, and your dramatic yard transformation is complete.