Solutions for Outdoor Living: Everything But the Mower

Drainage Solutions

NC Drainage designs and installs french drains, concrete catch basins, piped and buried downspouts, and other solutions for erosion control and managing the excess water on your property that makes your yard a muddy mess. Our expert consultants work with you to develop a site-specific plan that will help to keep your yard dry.

custom hardscapes

Whether you need a basic retaining wall or you want to design and build a custom stone patio and fire pit to maximize your outdoor living space, we can help. We're not just about drainage, we're about making outdoor living spaces the best they can be, and well-designed hardscapes can be a big part of that.


Volume-focused aeration providers try to pack as many yards into each day as possible. Not NC Drainage; we spend extra time on each lawn aeration project, and our fertilization and seeding services include a greater quantity and better quality product to produce noticeably superior results for your yard.